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Coleção Spiral

The SPIRAL collection draws a fantastic map inhabited by symbols and archetypes of powerful female figures, warriors, riddles, rulers of the stars and skies, ladies of the night and mystery, giant mothers, creators of parallel worlds.
It is through this imagery that this series of jewels is born, drawing strength from the heritage of an ancient age and dense with images that speak of creation, regeneration, death, harmony between female, male, animals and nature.

As in an archaeological work, we will unearth artifacts that speak a common language, traces of an era where time was lived in a cyclic way, where life
alternated with death in perpetual renewal.

So these gems emerge. Clues of a time that, despite the censorship of thousands of years, has survived in our imagination.
All the jewels in the SPIRAL collection are unique pieces and are handcrafted in reused pink cedar and ebony wood.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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