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Asymmetry and balance, disorder and harmony, minimalism and exuberance. Opposite concepts complement each other in ARC jewelry.

Colar da coleção Intense - Arcaesthetic

ARC promotes an idea of sustainability through a design that combines wood with embedded magnets and gives versatility to ornaments.
They are jewels in continuous transformation and movement.

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O nosso foco é a criação de formas que  abrangem tanto
o corpo quanto o ambiente e
o nosso trabalho transita
entre diferentes escalas priorizando
nas últimas criações,
a dimensão macro.

ARC promotes an idea of sustainability through a design that combines wood with embedded magnets and gives versatility to ornaments.
They are jewels in continuous transformation and movement.


Elegance and attention to detail translate into unique pieces that combine fine woods with silver elements, enhancing the contrast between the two materials.


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Wood is our guide. It is the element that leads us on a sensory journey, through colors, veins, smells, textures. More than being part of the process, the wood itself is the process.

All ARC woods are noble, rare, and reused. They are the result of donations, searches, researches, a careful look, and being in the right place. It is a web of relationships built over time, with nature, history, places, people.

Joiners, luthiers, artists, friends-as, partners-as, and sometimes casual encounters around the world.

(Brazil, Italy, United States, Africa, India, these are just some of the countries where our material comes from)

The sense of transience that wood brings with it, as it is a living element, which transforms itself, like us, is materialized in the ARC process. A musical instrument, an antique chair, a renovated floor are some of the stories that ARC shares with you through the creation of jewelry and objects.


Criamos ornamentos em transformação, seja pela composição

orgânica do material utilizado,

ou pelo potencial de mudar

a suas formas e posições,
o que faz da ARC uma marca
que supera o tempo,
com consistência e permanência.

IMG_6578_Ok_1.2_TRATAR AXILA.jpg
IMG_3787 1.1.jpg

A proximidade entre objetos e joias se materializa em um percurso
complementar da ARC, que fortalece
a conexão entre a ornamentação
corporal e a decoração do ambiente.

Partindo de objetos hybridos que transitam entre corpo e espaço,
ARC chega a criação de esculturas, abrindo um caminho que
se aproxima ao universo
da arte e do design.

IMG_5922 - 1.0.jpg



Viola Pineider desenhando sketchs da ARC

The soul of ARC is Viola Pineider, designer and founder.

Born and lived in Florence, Italy. He traveled to several cities in Europe, enriching his own baggage of human and artistic experiences.

His professional training is the sum of his experiences with talented underground artists from the 90s/2000s and 12 years of work in traditional Italian carpentry.

After having practiced for 5 years with an experienced cabinetmaker, in 2010 he took over the management of the activity and carried out numerous restoration work on furniture and interior decoration.

The love for restoring antique furniture, developed the artist's attentive and accurate look and an aesthetic sense, typical of someone who has the ability to combine shapes and colors.

Currently in Rio de Janeiro, he connects with other artistic experiences, in addition to continuing his carpentry work.

With the naturalness of someone who grew up surrounded by art, in addition to a solid technical background, Viola created her own style that combines the creativity of an unconventional world with the elegance and lightness of Italian design.

At the end of 2018, ARC was born, a journey of experimentation and studio with the objective of realizing new expressions in the world of jewelry.

All ARC parts are designed and handcrafted by Viola Pineider, from leftovers and scraps of special wood.

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