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Intense Collection

INTENSE was born from the desire to express something typically hidden. It is the result of an introspective journey, inviting us to a moment of reflection, to 'look within.' It is a collection that wants to emerge, to speak, through jewelry. In a time of tensions of all kinds, we cannot keep our emotions hidden. We feel encouraged to show our anger, resentment, and melancholy—feelings that normalization seeks to conceal.

The jewelry in the INTENSE series expresses the desire to break free from constraint and speak of submerged emotions because we are not aligned, not comfortable on a path someone else has planned for us. It is a collection that screams its presence through impactful and exuberant yet elegant and sophisticated jewelry.

All pieces adorn the body as if nothing else is needed, unafraid to reveal themselves and send their message to the world. Intense like the current reality, the collection features punctuated and organic forms alternating with more geometric designs, creating a harmonious and striking contrast. Silver takes a prominent position, illuminating a point of light in the wood and enhancing Jacarandá and rosewood.

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