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Brilliant Collection

The first of our collections is 'BRILLIANT,' known for being light, luminous, and clever. A set of jewelry characterized by its lightness, thanks to the choice of cedar, a wood of low density. The pieces are comfortable for everyday wear and, at the same time, capture attention with their unusual design and volume. The use of magnets gives the collection a unique and ingenious style.

The design of BRILLIANT invites you to enjoy and interact with the jewelry, with the idea of being able to wear the piece in a personal way, each time different. The concept is: Feel free to change your mind, behavior, point of view, appearance.

The intention is to establish a relationship of complicity with the wearer, encouraging them to modify the way they wear the pieces and position the object on their body in a way that satisfies them. The choice is individual, both for the wearer and the artist who designs the piece with a free and unique body in mind.

We are diverse individuals, so each piece of jewelry is designed and made following the inspiration of a specific body. BRILLIANT opens a path that values the desire to stand out and be able to wear a unique and personalized piece on the body.

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