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Exchange and Refunds Policy



Our exchange and return policy complies with the Consumer Protection Code. The Consumer Protection Code dictates that exchanges are guaranteed, by law, within 7 days of receipt of the order. In the unfortunate event that you should wish to exchange or return your product, we ask that you contact us by email (

Our email inbox is attended an answered to on business days between 9am and 6pm.

When reshipping your returned product to us we kindly ask that the product is shipped and returned in the same condition and packaging in which it was originally sent to you.


The return of the product can be made at any post office. The expenses of the exchange or return will be refunded to you via bank transfer. Prior to full refund for any returned product, we reserve the right to check the product to ensure that the product has not been used improperly or tampered with. No exchanges or returns will be accepted and money will not be returned if we find that any of our products have indeed been used improperly or tampered with, such as; been in contact with chemicals, been dropped or broken in any way.


It is important to remember that ARC jewels are made by hand and made of natural materials and as a result they may have small "imperfections" which are typical of craft work and hand made items such as ours. Taking into account that our products are all hand made craft work, made with unique parts, this means that we do not hold a large stock. Our products are often made to order and this may affect the delivery time of any replacement product and may vary according to the specific item of jewellery. In such circumstances we anticipate a waiting period of between 30 and 45 days. For the same reason the replacement product is unlikely be perfectly identical to the original. Any variations in colour, texture and grain of the wood are due to our concept of reuse and salvation of wood.



All details will be arranged directly with the customer by email. Should you choose a product with a value higher than the original then you will only have to pay the difference. ARC takes customer service seriously and treatment of our customers in a fair and respectful manner is of the highest importance to us. Any questions please contact us by email

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