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Asymmetry and balance, disorder and harmony, minimalism and exuberance. Opposite concepts complement each other in ARC objects. Instead of jewelry, in the ARC world, we have objects for contemplation and interaction. Pieces that become sculptures and sculptures that become wearable objects. Everything changes as you change.

The design of ARC objects is an invitation to the imagination. The plurality that is part of the creative process is materialized in the various possibilities of venturing into new wearable objects.

By combining wood with creativity through embedded magnets, the pieces transform into new forms, inducing interaction through new combinations.

In addition to playing with the senses and stimulating creativity, the possibility of having multiple pieces in one provides movement, lightness, and attention. Attention to the material of the piece, attention to the manual processes that originated the piece, and attention to the consumption form. The creation and crafting time of each ARC object carry a commitment to the present. While transcending this present time, it carries with it a timeless value.

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