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Wood is our guide. It is the element that leads us on a sensory journey, through colors, veins, smells, textures. More than being part of the process, wood itself is the process.

All ARC woods are noble, rare, and reused. They are the result of donations, searches, research, a careful look, and being in the right place. It is a web of relationships built over time, with nature, history, places, people.

Joiners, luthiers, artists, friends, partners, and sometimes chance encounters around the world. (Brazil, Italy, United States, Africa, India, these are just some of the countries where our material comes from)

The sense of transience that wood brings with it, as it is a living element, which transforms itself, like us, is materialized in the ARC process. A musical instrument, an antique chair, a renovated floor are some of the stories that ARC shares with you through the creation of jewelry and objects.

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