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Wood is our guide. Wood is the element guiding us on a sensory journey through colours, veins, scents, wefts. Wood is not part of the process, it is the process itself.

All wood crafted by ARC is precious, uncommon and carefully selected.

It is collected through donations, researches and being at the right moment in the right place.

It is the outcome of a wide and refined network of relations with nature, history, places, friends, woodworkers, luthiers, artists. Brasil, Italy, United States, Africa, India: these are just some of the countries where we collect our material.

There's a sense of existance in wood: it feels alive and transforming, just as ourselves, and this materialises in the ARC process. An old musical instrument, an ancient chair, a renovated wood flooring are just some of the stories ARC is sharing with you by creating jewels and objects for the body.

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